Canyon State Comp Partners Summary of Events July ’18 – April ’19:

CSCP continues to experience success in our 2018/2019 membership year by gaining
many new members. The executive board receives several compliments thought the year, from members
in our industry and within our own members, that the work we are doing as an organization is both
important to our community and beneficial to our members. We would like to take this opportunity to
say “thanks” for the members of our industry who support our cause and mission, and our members who
continue their support year after year.

In May of this year we lost a treasured member of our organization and industry. Dr. Nakra made a huge difference in her commitment to quality patient care as well as her commitment to supporting local business. You will not be forgotten, Dr. Nakra.

by Tony Cipriano – CSCP President


Why Your Continued Canyon State Comp Partners Membership is Important

  1. Event sponsorship
  2. Directory
  3. Industry support
  4. Unification, collaboration, & networking with local workers’ compensation companies
  5. Multi-faceted marketing through CSCP website, material & member companies
  6. Hired dedicated marketing professional to assist with increasing membership and visibility
  1. Develop and maintain a relationship with the Arizona Industrial Commission
  2. Engage in “Buy Local” campaigns
  1. Utilize locally owned service providers
  2. Contribute to Kids’ Chance of Arizona

Canyon State Comp Partners Events and Efforts:

Canyon State Comp Partners is proud to participate in and support many of our industry organizations and local charitable organizations. This is important and visible work in our continuing mission of educating, supporting, and improving our workers compensation industry as well as our local communities. The following is a listing of our activity throughout our 2018/2019 membership year!


Legislative Efforts:

    • March 2018: Speaking at ICA Public Stakeholders Meeting before Director Ashley, Chairman Schultz and the Commissioners.
    • April 2018: Private meeting with ICA leadership to discuss networks’ aggressive marketing tactics, providing false information to claimants, and attempting to direct care.
    • October 2018: Follow up and speaking opportunity at public stakeholders meeting regarding network practices. ICA provided legislative updates and processes.

Community Events:

  • CSCP / AWCCA Joint Membership Drive and Social Happy Hour
    •  Joint Venture with the premier claims association in Arizona.
    • We signed up new members / promoted and advertised CSCP companies / handed out directories
  • AWCCA Golf Tournament Registration Sponsorship
    • Advertisement with sponsorship and handed our directories at the registration table
    • Directories and advertisement for CSCP companies on the lunch tables
    • Silent auction donor
  • ASIA Seminar Registration Sponsorship
    • Microphone advertisement for CSCP mission, goals, and companies
    • Advertisement and verbal recognition throughout the seminar
    • Logo and link on ASIA website
    • Handed out directories
  • New Year Resolution Party (2nd annual)
    • Party for our clients, members and industry, 120+ attendees!
    • Gifts and messaging for “use local”
    • Hand out directories
  • AWCCA Spotlight Speaker
    • Advertisement and marketing material throughout the dinner meeting event
    • Messaging at the microphone / CSCP Quiz Game
    • Recognition of all members, Charter and regular
  • Kids Chance 5K T-Shirt Sponsorship of Event
    • Advertisement on T-Shirts
    • Donation to our local industry charities